Internationalisation of Higher Education

Policy and Practice


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In September 2018 the Handbook and the Journal of the European Higher Education Area (JEHEA) merged. You will find all issues of JEHEA until issue 2/2018 here.


Internationalisation of Higher Education – Policy and Practice is a journal designed for higher education leaders, policy makers and internationalisation professionals. It examines internationalisation policies, processes and activities, addressing key issues in the field of internationalisation of higher education, and placing them in the context of global developments.

The publication focusses on
how international, regional, national and institutional policy changes, trends and initiatives impact practice.

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The authors
are leading practitioners and experts from the respective fields. For a complete list and more information, please click on the “Authors” button.

The editorial team
is jointly edited by a diverse team of six experienced leaders in the field of higher education. To find out more about the editorial team, please click on the “Editors” button.

The journal is published by DUZ Academic Publishers
DUZ Academic Publishers is responsible for several publications designed to support higher education worldwide. Drawing on the expertise already gained from the successful EUA Bologna Handbook and Leadership and Governance Handbook, the same high standards of quality can be found in this publication.


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