Internationalisation of Higher Education

Policy and Practice

Aims & Scope

Designed for internationalisation professionals, policymakers, and higher education leaders, Internationalisation of Higher Education – Policy and Practice examines internationalisation policies, processes, and activities, addressing key issues in the internationalisation of higher education, and placing them in the context of global developments.

The peer-reviewed journal focuses on how international, regional, national, and institutional policy changes, trends, and initiatives impact practice. It provides broad coverage of issues, such as:

  • governance, leadership and management of internationalisation;
  • funding for internationalisation;
  • internationalisation strategies and activities;
  • equity in and access to internationalisation;
  • student and staff mobility;
  • international cooperation;
  • capacity building through internationalisation;
  • innovation in internationalisation;
  • teaching and learning with an international/intercultural dimension;
  • international research cooperation;
  • internationalisation and societal engagement;
  • quality assurance of internationalisation.

Authors may use a variety of approaches in their articles such as case studies, surveys, analysis of trends, reports on the impact of practices and policies, etc. Whatever the approach used, the article must have a clearly defined methodology, analyse data properly according to common scientific standards, and draw justified conclusions. Articles should not be merely descriptive or anecdotal, and authors should generally avoid the use of the first person.

Internationalisation of Higher Education – Policy and Practice is published four times a year and is available both in print and online.


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