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Designed for internationalisation professionals, policy makers and higher education leaders, Internationalisation of Higher Education – Policy and Practice examines internationalisation policies, processes and activities, addressing key issues in the internationalisation of higher education, and placing them in the context of global developments.

The journal focusses on how international, regional, national and institutional policy changes, trends and initiatives impact practice. It provides broad coverage of issues, such as:

  • governance, leadership and management of internationalisation;
  • funding for internationalisation;47e44ea7ae1751d53ce8da25d6bc5bbfcfd52bd3.png
  • internationalisation strategies and activities;
  • equity in and access to internationalisation;
  • student and staff mobility;
  • international cooperation;
  • capacity building through internationalisation;
  • innovation in internationalisation;
  • teaching and learning with an international/intercultural dimension;
  • international research cooperation;
  • internationalisation and societal engagement;
  • quality assurance of internationalisation.

Please note that we are currently transitioning to a peer-reviewed journal. This means that some of the articles are peer-reviewed, while others are reviewed by our editorial board. The transition to full peer review will be completed by the end of 2020.

Internationalisation of Higher Education – Policy and Practice is published four times a year, includes 6–7 articles per edition and is available both in print and online.

If you want to submit an article …

… please make sure that it fits into the publication’s scope above. We use a platform called Manuscript Manager that helps us organise and automate the peer review process; you can submit your manuscript directly on the platform. If you already want to get an idea about how our articles are usually structured, please have a look at our guidelines below.


Submission first draft (peer review)

  • Issue 1/2021: 31 October 2020
  • Issue 2/2021: 13 December 2020
  • Issue 3/2021: 31 March 2021
  • Issue 4/2021: 30 April 2021


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