Frequently Asked Questions


“What is Internationalisation of Higher EducationPolicy and Practice?”

The publication is originally based on a loose-leave compilation. Recently it is published as a journal four times per year to take stock of recent developments and report on examples of best-practices worldwide. It examines internationalisation processes in countries all over the world. As a subscriber of the publication, you will also have free access to an electronic version of the articles included in the basic edition and all supplements, among other benefits.

“What do I have to do to obtain a copy of the publication?”

You can order the publication via Please enable Javascriptor via our webshop. The publication is exclusively available on a subscription basis. Please check the "Prices and Ordering" section for details. In the course of an annual subscription period, you will receive four issues. You may cancel the subscription by giving notice in writing no later than six weeks before the end of the subscription year.

“How do I pay?”

Ordered products and invoices will be sent directly to your address. After that, you can transfer the money. If you order via our webshop you can also pay per PayPal or credit card.

“Is the online version of the publication accessible via username/password or IP Address?”

Both. The regular price for the print + online version of the publication includes online access via username and password only. Access to the online version of the publication via IP Address can be purchased separately. The price range depends on how many computers you wish to have access.

“Will the subscription extend beyond 2018, and what will be the price of the subscription in the following years?”

Yes, the subscription will extend beyond 2018. You will receive four issues per year unless you cancel the subscription. The price for an annual subscription is currently €268 p.a. plus shipping & handling. Please note that the price is a gross price within Germany; based on the tax rules and regulations in various countries, the price is subject to change accordingly.

“How do I cancel the subscription?”

You may cancel the subscription by giving notice in writing no later than six weeks before the end of the subscription year per Please enable Javascript

“How do I get online access?”

To access Internationalisation of Higher Education online you must be a subscriber of the publication. Once the subscription is active and payment has been received, we will activate your account as a subscriber and send you an email with your user name and password. After that, you may log in at any time.

"What should I do if my login is denied?"

If you are copying the login data from our email to the website, please make sure that you only select the numbers and letters of the username and password and no blank spaces before or after. Any blank characters in the login bars (username and/or password) on the website will make the login invalid, as these are interpreted as additional characters.

Occasionally, you will receive the message “Login denied” even if you type your login name and password correctly into the login bars on the website. This has to do with the response time of the server. Please ignore the message and try to download a pdf article on the website. This gives the server time to process your login data again and to enable the access.

If the problems persist, please contact our customer service.

“When will my online access privileges expire?”

Your online access will expire together with your subscription.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the publication’s manager Please enable Javascript.